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Village Board Meeting Held

by Chris Russell

Aqua’s meter exchange program is underway in the village. They have approximately 450 water meters that need to be changed, with about 150 done.

Aqua President Craig Blanchette said that they are taking about 10 appointments a day. Blanchette told Trustees that he has instructed his customer service team to make sure they are making appointments as convenient as possible and to include weekend and evening appointments for residents.

Blanchette stated that utility companies are phasing out in-person payment centers, and residents will have to mail or pay water bills online.

However, for those who want in-person payment options, Western Union takes payments for Aqua.  Those locations should be listed in Aqua’s welcome packet.

Blanchette reported that a construction worker accidentally punched a hole in the water main on Rathje Road. He said Aqua immediately had a vendor install an easy valve to remedy the situation. Blanchette stated they responded quickly so that no pressure was lost and no boil order was required.

Also, he informed board members that they are still working through the easement negotiations to bring in Aqua water to Peotone. Blanchette stated they are moving forward and hope to deliver Aqua water soon.

A business owner is considering purchasing the former Scott Lowry doctors office at the corner of Crawford and Railroad Street. However, they are asked Trustees what would be required to live in the front of the building and operate an embroidery and screen printing business in the back.

The village attorney said he would likely require a Special Use Permit and could be done. However, he said the question would be if the board wanted to allow that.

Trustee Mike Jones question whether would open up others for similar situations and the B-1 district.

Village President Steve Cross stated that the unique property lends itself to this type of situation. He said that the residence would be in front, conforming with the other houses on Crawford, and the business in back would face Railroad Street.

Trustee Jones agreed with Cross saying, “If there’s a location for this situation. That’s it.”

The business owners will have to start the application process and proceed through Planning and Zoning, which could take one to two months. However, the property could be purchased contingent on approval of the special use permit.

The village engineer told board members that Aqua requested all of the engineering and CAD documents related to Peotone‘s water and sewer system. However, Robinson engineering approval from the village of Peotone. Cross stated that a request could be drafted by Aqua to be presented to the board for approval to facilitate that process.

Peotone Animal Hospital is under a new partnership. NVA Peotone Veterinarian Management, LLC applied for a new business permit to do business as Peotone Animal Hospital. Jay Nadler told Cross that he has partnered with NVA to form a partnership, but that all the doctors including Nadler still work at Peotone Animal Hospital.

The partnership allows for Peotone Animal Hospital to take advantage of efficiencies that NVA can provide.

Board members approved a request from the Legion for a fundraiser for Gifts for Yanks on November 3 from 8 am to 12 pm. The program purchases gifts for Veterans at the Manteno Veteran’s Home.

Trustees approved a change in the village hours from an 8 am to 5 pm,  eliminating extended Tuesday hours. However, with no more water bills and little activity during the additional hour, board members chose to close at 5 pm every day. Staff surveyed surrounding communities, and they were typically opening at 7:30 or 8:00 am and closing at 4:30 or 5 pm, except for Monee who has Saturday hours.

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