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Peotone Township Regular Meeting

Will County Sheriff’s Officers Deputy Ken Rafter and Deputy Bill Hetfliesch discussed with the board our options on enforcing load limits on the township roads.

Township Trustees approved a $500 scholarship to the Peotone Community Scholarship Association

Also, board members a $500 grant to the West Peotone Cemetery Association for the upkeep of the cemetery.

Supervisor Younker discussed the resignation a

Assessor assistant Wade Strawbridge resigned.  Assessor Pat Latham will document the situation that lead to his verbal resignation.

Road Commissioner Hack informed Trustees they have fixed the ongoing problems with the Ford truck.

The following correspondence was received:

• FOIA request from Better Government Association – Clerk Heisner will fulfill their request.

• Will County Clerk; letter with $253 check for Feb. ’18 fines.

• Letter from auditors about new “Certificate of Vote” form with the official stamp requirement.

• TOIRMA dividend check of $1,696 ($611 – Town Fund and $1,085 – Road & Bridge Fund).

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