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Monee Chamber $1,000  Scholarship Winner Jacob Delgado

Featured Photo Caption: Pictured are (l. to r.): Kristy, Hailey, Oscar and Jacob Delgado with Lee Boswell. Delgado was one of the $1,000 Monee Chamber Scholarship winners.

My motivation as I begin to plan my college career is to work hard for four years and maximize this time as a valuable investment in my future.

My educational plans include attending a university with a solid engineering program and graduating early with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

I currently have the opportunity to do so due to my classes I took at a community college while still in high school.

Crete-Monee High School offers a dual credit program for the top sixty seniors according to their GPA. Although this program has been challenging, it offers me the opportunity to enter college with one full year of credits.

After I have received my Bachelors’ degree, I will decide if I want to return back to school or start my engineering career.

As of right now, I believe I would like to begin to gain work experience in the engineering field, while continuing my education.

I feel that I would be a good candidate for this scholarship because I’ve worked hard throughout my academic career and have an excellent record of academic studies. In addition to my academic studies, I’ve participated in extracurricular activities such as soccer and National Honor Society.

Outside of school, I have volunteered at the local Lions Club and hold a part-time job at Culvers in which I work an average of thirty hours per week. I know how challenging it is to balance school, work and sports but I am a good manager of my time and able to prioritize.

I currently go to class all morning and learn as much as I can, then work for 7 hours and return home to study and do homework for 2 hours.

Although this schedule is difficult, I understand the importance of a good education and a good work ethic and the important role both play in a successful future.

I know that the skills and traits I acquire will develop into habits I can carry on with me to college and beyond.

I never take anything for granted and try to maximize every opportunity given to me.

I appreciate your consideration of my application and look forward to hearing from you.

Jacob Delgado

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