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Committee of the Whole Meeting Held; Exterior Ordinances Discussed

by Chris Russell

Trustees discussed development planning and residential exterior ordinances at last month’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

Surveying other communities, they found those communities have similar ordinances to Peotone, such as the exterior materials and anti-monotony. However, they don’t have architectural ordinances.

Westgate Subdivision 2 and 3 have design books attached to their plats. Therefore, developers must follow those design regulations.

Village President Cross explained that the thought process was each that development would have their own pattern book.

In 2013, the board waived exterior materials and anti-monotony ordinances for Westgate 3 to try to spur development. Now, the current board is deciding how to best to implement those waived ordinances.

Similar to Peotone, most surrounding towns dropped the first-floor exterior requirements with the real estate market crash.

Builders weren’t receiving the same lines of credit as before the crash and, therefore, were limited to how much money they could spend building a house.

At that time, developers were building houses as ordered and not building spec homes.

The idea behind the anti-monotony and exterior materials was to keep cookie cutter production away from Peotone.

Those ordinances only affect subdivisions annexed to the village after March 1, 2005.

Cross said the most significant contention now is the first-floor requirements of brick, masonry, cedar, or hardy board.

Village Administrator Gregg Spathis stated that modifying the ordinance so that those exterior requirements only applied to the face of the house might be an option.

Trustees stated they were informed Monee is getting another super warehouse, bigger than Amazon.

Therefore, Peotone will need to carefully plan so it’s still attractive to developers who will want to meet the increasing housing needs.

Monee’s new warehouse could add another 2,500-3,000 employees who will be looking for a place to live.

In addition, board members discussed the option of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) west of Interstate 57. PUDs are specially zoned and planned with mixed uses, such as a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, and businesses, designed for that specific area.

Furthermore, development can be controlled through annexation agreements, too. Developers agree to conditions, zoning, and design ordinances before being annexed into the Village.

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