Peotone Township

Peotone Township Regular Meeting

Will County Sheriff’s Officers Deputy Ken Rafter and Deputy Bill Hetfliesch discussed with the board our options on enforcing load limits on the township roads. Township Trustees approved a $500 scholarship to the Peotone Community Scholarship Association Also, board members a $500 grant to the West Peotone Cemetery Association for the upkeep of the cemetery.…

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Peotone Township Board Holds Regular Meeting

Supervisor Gene Younker reported that he and Assessor Pat Latham meet with officials from the Village of Peotone to find a solution where Latham has had difficulty access building plans for new construction in the village. The board was presented with a list of possible shared office expenses that could be shared between the Road/Bridge…

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Peotone Township Annual Town Meeting

The Peotone Township Annual Town Meeting was held April 11 with Dan Younker elected as moderator. A report of the Road and Bridge Fund showed funds on hand at the beginning of the fiscal year was $326,187.20. The Township received $128,624.06 and expended $162,433.82.   Funds on hand at the end of the fiscal year…

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Peotone Township Holds Regular Meeting

Peotone Township Assessor Pat Latham received a State of Illinois award recognizing for her excellent service as the Assessor for Peotone Township. Trustee Morgan told board members that he contacted Will County Board Member Judy Ogalla.  He stated that Ogalla and possibly a sheriff’s officer that specializes in trucks could attend a future Township meeting.…

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