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Adopt-a-Soldier Receives Check from Peotone Legion; Aids Wish List

Peotone American Legion Commander Bill Wachowski presented Adopt-a-Soldier Founder/President Sue Wackerlin with a $200 check towards Christmas for its many missions. The donation will aid in many Christmas blessings AAS is working on - from care packages to our Troops to more than 40 veterans and their families who have recently received housing and are in need of assistance.

Adopt-a-Soldier – Small But Mighty!!!

What is Mercy House?

Mercy House/Cannon Place in Danville is on the VA grounds. It provides housing for veterans and their families, based on income. Many of these folks have been homeless, in and out of shelters, or bouncing between family and friends.

AAS spent their first Christmas there last year, with approximately 29 families that had recently moved in. This year, there are 39 families who have submitted a list. Only the basics – a table and chairs, couch, beds and maybe a dresser are provided. Many of the items are basic needs, including sheets, pillows, dishes, pots and pans. No food, toiletries, cleaning products, shower curtains, etc., are provided. Many of the items needed are not on the list, due to room, but this at least gives the community an idea of what the group is working on.

AAS already received or purchased many items that have been removed from the list. Below are items they will try to collect. They also accept slightly used items, and any donations can be allocated to this mission. Donations may be made on their website or by check to: AAS, P.O. Box 332, Grant Park, IL 60940. Organizers will try to update the list as days go by. God Bless!

Items requested include: 15 sets pots/pans at $600; 7 TVs – $700; 3 crockpots – $60; 8 bed pillows- $20; 9 recliners – $2,250; 2 lamps – $10; 5 sets silverware – $100; 7 vacuums – $700; 7 can openers – $35; 6 microwaves – $300; 3 sets cookie sheets – $30; 1 toaster – $15; 2 coffee pots – $40; 4 board games – $40; 1 dresser – $100; drill bits and tools – $30; 8 coffee tables – $400; girls bunk bed – $150; toddler bed/bedding – $100; 4 trash cans – $40; 1 DVD player – $50; 3 book shelves – $60; 4 knife sets – $200; and 3 laptops – $900. (Total – $6,930)

Please be as generous as possible!!! Thank you!!!!

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